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The Late 19th Century

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General Resources - Politics
The Hayes Years // The Garfields // Chester Arthur
Grover Cleveland // Benjamin Harrison // The McKinleys
Third Parties and Radicalism
Late 19th Century Exercises Online
Outline of Class Discussion: Late 19th Century Foreign Policy

General Resources: Politics
American Presidents: Life Portraits

The Hayes Years:
Rutherford B. and Lucy Hayes
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Rutherford B. Hayes
Hayes Presidential Center
POTUS Rutherford B. Hayes
Lucy Ware Hayes
National First Ladies' Library - Lucy Hayes
Lucy Hayes Heritage Center

Garfield & Assassination:
James and Lucretia Garfield
Charles Guiteau Collection
James Garfield Home
James A. Garfield
James Abram Garfield
James Garfield Historical Site
National First Ladies' Museum - Lucretia Garfield
Lucretia Garfield

Chester Arthur:
Chester Arthur
Chester B. Authur
Chester Arthur's Grave
Chester Alan Arthur
Chester Arthur
Pendleton Civil Service Act

Grover Cleveland:
Grover and Frances Cleveland
Grover Cleveland
POTUS - Grover Cleveland
You Tube - Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland Links
Frances Cleveland
Frances Cleveland

Benjamin Harrison:
Benjamin and Caroline Harrison
American President: Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Harrison Recording
Caroline Harrison
Benjamin Harrison Home

McKinley and Assassination:
Election of 1896 - The Grand Realignment
American Memory - The Last Days of a President: Films of McKinley & the Pan-Am Exposition, 1901
William and Ida McKinley

Leon Czolgosz
McKinley Assassination Historical Site
American President: William McKinley
1896 Election Campaign Speech
1901 Inaugural Address

Populists and Other Third Parties:
The Rise of Populism
The Populist Party
Populist Platform 1892
Links to Populism and History
Wilipedia - Populist (Peoples') Party
The Prohibition Party
Greenback Party
Wikipedia - Anti-Monopoly Party
Union Labor Party

Eugene Debs and Socialists
Eugene Debs Photo
Eugene Debs Photos
Eugene Victor Debs
Eugene Debs Speech, 1904

Emma Goldman and Anarchists
Emma Goldman Photo
The Emma Goldman Papers
Emma Goldman Exhibition


American Protective Association
Protestant Paranoia


Sharecropper Contract
Sharecropper Contract
Dr. Pepper Museum
The Chronicle of Coca Cola
Cocaine Cola
The Truth About Trade in American History
Tariff of 1883
McKinley Tariff
Free Silver
Free Silver - Wikipedia
Panic of 1893
Panic of 1893
Depression of 1893 and Coxey's Army
Coxey's Army

Late 19th Century Foreign Policy
Life in 1898: The Spanish American War
Queen Liliuokalani
World History Archives - Hawaiian Islands
President Cleveland's Message to Congress: Hawaiian Sovereignty
Life in 1898: The Spanish American War
Spanish American War
George Dewey
Rough Riders
Lecture Notes
The Spanish American War in Motion Pictures
Teller and Platt Amendments

Emilio Aguinaldo
Hero of Philippine Revolution: Emilio Aguinaldo
First Open Door Note
Brief History of Samoa
New Manifest Destiny: Imperialism - slide show
History of U.S. Navy, the Oceanic Period, 1890-1945
19th Century Military Operations
Venuzuela Boundary Dispute
Chilean Crisis
Open Door Note
Open Door Note

Late 19th Century Social History:
John Philip Sousa
The Chicago Fire, 1871
Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
Actors' Photos
The Chicago Fire
Statue of Liberty Facts, News & Info

Milwaukee Photos
19th Century Classroom
Lady Liberty
Mark Twain In His Time
Victorian Library, Harper's Bazaar, Vanderbilt Trousseau
Mixed Pickles - Outline of 19th Century Dance
Pedaling History Bicycle Museum
Baseball Almanac
Baseball Links - History
The Comstock Law
Comstock Law
Anthony Comstock
Social Dance
19th Century Photos

National American Woman Suffrage Association
Votes for Women
Populist Mary Lease
Frances Willard House
The Life and Times of Florence Kelley

General 19th Century Resources:
19th Century Links
National Museum of Women's History
19th Century Sites
The 1890s
Best History Sites
The 19th Century
Wikipedia 19th Century
19th Century U.S. History
Yahoo 19th Century"
Eyewitness to History 19th Century
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Victoriana 19th Century History
19th Century

Late 19th Century Exercises Online
New Haven and the Nation, 1865-1900; A Social History, Labor, Immigration, Reform

Photo of Women in Carriage
Photo African-American Family (Father is a Buffalo Soldier)

Wanda Downing Jones at El Centro College

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