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"Mountain Magic"
Swing Dance Convention

South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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MOUNTAIN MAGIC 2003 - Contest Results

1 Tim Stevenson &Vivian Glucksman-Weiss
2 Jeffrey Munson & Kyoko Morrison
3 Matthew Loukopoulos & Michele Malchow
4 Matthew Variot & Susan Brown
5 Roy Bell & Shirley Teason
Other Finalists
J.C. Nachtwey & Liv Froholm
Manny Parcasio & Monica Schilling
Johann Leuenberger & Glenna Cooke
Frank Carricato & Cindy Vaughn
Jim Dolan & Carol Gagne
Wayne Tumpis & Kristie Downey
Peter Maranan & Andie Reed

1 Miguel De Sousa & Shenna Shirley
2 Gary Ulaner & Terresa McGarry
3 John Koster & Brenda Koster
4 Greg Pisano & Sara Brennan
5 Gary Hall & Debbie Wachsberg
Other Finalists
Rob Current & Kyla Griffith
Tom Arrington & Michelle Kusanovich
Philip Chao & Valyn Carenza-Pack
Paul Canziani & Kim Liu
Woody Bretz & Linn Tanabe
Roger Eckert & Mana de Sousa

1 Manny Viarrial & Beata Howe
2 Arjay Centeno & Andrea Deaton
3 Atlas Griffith & Debbie Ramsey
4 Chuck Brown & Louise Bretz
5 Wesley Boz & Deanna Mollman
6 Christopher Desjardins & Linda Fletcher

1 Randy Krul & Dee Becker
2 Ken Bowers & Susan Douglas
3 Paul Byer & Janice Byer
4 Ronnie Donald & Dottie Lovato
5 Tony Fontes & Billie Duncan
Other Finalists
Gary Gauwain & Sue Carson
Gary Gauwain & Kathy Donald
Abel Hewitt & Betsy Cohen
Ronnie Donald & Virginia Atkeison

1 Jim Dolan & Judy Horgan
2 Gary Parks & Liv Froholm
3 Brian Apgar & Barbara Weber
4 Paul Menage & Janice Byer
5 Van Pogue & Linn Tanabe
Other Finalists
Jim Dolan & Stephanie Felderman
Manny Parcasio & Cheryl Holder
Manny Parcasio & Louise Barger
Mark Morris & Patty Purple
Steven Felderman & Trudy Thatcher
Mike Ronen & Andrea St. Peter
Mike Ronan & Nesanet Mitikel
Brian Apgar & Irene Erwin
Steve Felderman & Carol Belles

1 Jesse Castaneda & Michelle Kusanovich
2 Achuith Bhandarkar & Nancy Morris
3 Gary Ulaner & Jennifer Chang
4 Wajih Dalal & Debbie Wachsberg
5 Peter Maranan & Valyn Carenza-Pack
Other Finalists
Jim White & Theresa McGarry
Rob Morley & Marilyn Bardai
Chad Lakridis & Wendy Dalal
Ken McArthur & Diana Stanley

1 Philip Chao & Michelle Kusanovich
2 Greg Pisano & Stacy Faloon
3 Christopher Desjardins & Kyla Griffith
4 Gary Ulaner & Stephanie Krul
5 Chad Lakridis & Barbara Weber
Other Finalists
Van Pogue & Theresa McGarry
Jim Dolan & Loretta Santos
Randy Krul & Deborah Calano
Manny Parcasio & Linda Fletcher
Jon Leech & Shawn Eberly
Stephen Dorman & Victoria Phillips
Paul Menage & Kristie Downey

1 Andrea Deaton & Manny Viarrial
2 Michelle Kusaovich & Gary Ulaner
3 Synergy (dance team)
4 Patty Vo & Miguel de Sousa
5 Louise & Woody Bretz

1 Shenna Shirley & Tim Stevenson
2 Mana de Sousa & Miguel de Sousa
3 Karen Lefohn & Gary Ulaner
4 Kim Liu & Greg Pesano
5 Linda Fletcher & Christopher Desjardins
Other Finalists
Carol Gagne & Matthew Loukopoulos
Shirley Teason & Rob Current
Deborah Calano & Matthew Variot
Bobbie Duncan & Brian Duncan
Stephanie & Randy Krul

1 Nancy Morris & Gary Ulaner
2 Michelle Kusanovich & Raul Ante
3 Wajih Dalal & Wendy Dalal
4 Jesse Castaneda & Marilyn Bardai
5 Jim Dolan & Liv Froholm
Other Finalists
Peter Maranan & Jennifer Chang
Van Pogue & Barbara Weber

1 Jeffrey Munson & Dani Canziani
2 Matthew Variot & Louise Bretz
3 Van Pogue & Patti Vo
Other Finalists
J.C. Nachtwey & Beata Howe
Tomas Plettner & Stephanie Krul
George Negrete & Stephanie Krul
Gary Parks & Kyla Griffith
Karl Wilhelmsen & Patty Vo

1 Shawn Eberly & Manny Viarial
2 Stacy Faloon & Manny Viarrial
3 Sharole Lashe & Arjay Centeno
Other Finalists
Deborah Calano & Atlas Griffith
Cyndy Vaughn & Dani Canziani
Judy Horgan & Randy Krul
Sue Carson & Atlas Griffith
Lisa Stevenson & Arjay Centeno
Sarah Fitzsimmons & Greg Pisano
Heidi Hausauer & Randy Krul

1 Philip Chao & Theresa McGarry
2 Tim Stevenson & Stephanie Krul
3 Frank Carricato & Dani Canziani
Other Finalists
Paul Byer & Stephanie Krul

1 Dee Becker & Manny Viarrial
2 Linn Tanabe & Manny Viarrial
3 Shenna Shirley & Randy Krul
Other Finalists
Barbara Weber & Kurt Sensor
Michelle Edmondson & Randy Krul
Sara Brannan & Dani Canziani

1 Van Pogue & Patti Vo
2 Gary Parks & Kyla Griffith
3 Mark Morris & Joy Ro
Other Finalists
Brian Apgar & Joy Ro

1 Barbara Weber & Kurt Sensor
2 Deborah Calano & Manny Viarrial
3 Andrea St. Peter & Manny Viarrial
Other Finalists
Janice Byer & Raul Ante
Wendy Ferrari & Randy Krul

1 Achuith Bhandarkar & Patty Vo
2 Wijih Dalal & Joy Ro
3 Jim White & Debra Hampton
Other Finalists
Jesse Castaneda & Debra Hampton
Peter Maranan & Joy Ro
Matthew Variot & Louise Brretz

1 Wendy Dalal & Raul Ante
2 Nancy Morris & Steven Ward
3 Shenna Shirley & Randy Krul
Other Finalists
Marilyn Bardai & Debra Hampton
Valerie Hunt & Debra Hampton
Judy Horgan & Randy Krul

1 Van Pogue & Patti Vo
2 Gary Parks & Kyla Griffith
3 J.C. Nachtwey & Beata Howe

1 Barbara Weber & Kurt Sensor
2 Deborah Calano & Manny Viarrial
3 Heidi Hausauer & Randy Krul
Other Finalists
Cheryl Graham & Manny Viarrial
Sarah Fitzsimmons & Greg Pisano
Wendy Ferrari & Randy Krul
Nancy Kniffin-Jennings & Andy Klymiuk

1 Linn Tanabe & Manny Viarrial
2 Dee Becker & Manny Viarrial
3 Judy Horgan & Randy Krul
Other Finalists
Michelle Edmondson & Randy Krul

A very special Thank You!
This event would not be possible without the assistance and support of many people. I would like to extend my
sincere appreciation to the entire Staff, all those that assissted with this event by offering their ideas, help,
support, and encouragement throughout the year, and to all of you that joined us on the dance floor in attendance.
Thanks for joining us for our 5th Anniversary ... this was the best event yet!
I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and I look forward to seeing you again next year (November 5-7, 2004).

P.S. ...and remember our "Sea Magic" Cruise coming up ... April 18-25, 2004!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MOUNTAIN MAGIC 2002 - Contest Results

1st Dmitry Lapidus & Cheryl Holder
2nd Tim Stevenson & Terri Ibers
3rd Ben Gamble & Susan Brown
4th Ralph Quintana & Nancy Eastenson

Other Finalists
Michael DiFranco & Deborah Arrington
Robert Weiczorek & Kristie Downey
Phil Krieger & Asya Kamsky
Gary Gauwain & Barbara Weber
Matthew Variot & Val Hunt
Martin Brown & Cyndy Vaughn

1st Ben Gamble & Jenon Fleetwood
2nd Steve Dorman & Barbara Weber
3rd Steve Felderman & Janice Campbell
4th Jim Dolan & Liz David

Other Finalists
Matthew Variot & Tharanga Wanigatunga
Shep Hume & Cheryl Holder
Rainer Herm & Stephanie Collins

1st Ken Bowers & Betsy Van Cohen
2nd Joe Mascia & Marie Salazar
3rd Bert Anderson & Bonnie Shubb
4th Mark Endo & Dottie Lovato

Other Finalists
Steve Salazar & Christine Hendricksen
Jim Ewing & Virginia Nunez
Tom Sepe & Barbara Dumler
Jack Gathings & Maxine Walker
Harleigh Ostella & Brooke Wilhelm

1st Glenn Cravalho & Kathryn Mongeau
2nd Greg Pisano & Michelle Kusanovich
3rd Tom Arrington & Stephanie McHenry
4th Gary Ulaner & Kim Liu

Other Finalists:
Todd Ballard & Theresa McGarry
Roger Eckert & Dani Canziani
Bill Bowie & Keli Rutherdale
Robert Current & Bobbie Duncan
Paul Canziani & Ruth Cnaany
Dick Lee & Victoria Phillips
Russell Hausske & Marie Kirby

1st Stephen Ward & Marie Kirby
2nd Jesse Castaneda & Michelle Kusanovich
3rd Gary Ulaner & Valerie Hunt
4th Bobbie Concepcion & Diana Stanley

Other Finalists:
Achuith Bhandarkar & Ruth Cnaany
Frank Mazzarella & Theresa McGarry
Greg Pisano & Patricia McConnell

1st Michael Kiehm & Tatiana Mollmann
2nd Jordan Frisbee & Beata Howe
3rd Jordan Frisbee & Deanna Mollmann

Other Finalists:
Sonny Watson & Louise Bretz
Arte Phillips & Brandi Northrup

1st Matthew Variot & Louise Bretz
2nd Gene Heape & Louise Bretz
3rd Richard Stahlberg & Debra Hampton

Other Finalists:
Robert Wieczorek & Stephanie Krul
Russ Palchak & Dani Canziani
Tim Stevenson & Stephanie Krul
Steve Morris & Sue Cravalho

1st Patricia McConnell & William Poulter
2nd Joanie Welle & Randy Krul
3rd Lisbeth Smith & Ken Bowers

Other Finalists:
Heidi Hausauer & Randy Krul

1st Robert Current & Stephanie Krul
2nd Jack Gathings & Tatiana Mollmann
3rd Sam Bryant & Louise Bretz

Other Finalsts:
George Goebel & Louise Bretz
Tom Arrington & Stephanie Krul

1st Victoria Phillips & Jordan Frisbee
2nd Keli Rutherdale & Dani Canziani
3rd Christine Gilligan & Randy Krul

Matthew Variot & Louise Bretz

1st Jesse Castaneda & Debra Hampton
2nd Sam Bryant & Louise Bretz
3rd James Phelps & Joy Ro

Marilyn Bardai & Debra Hampton

TOP MALE PRO: Randy Krul
TOP FEMALE PRO: Louise Bretz

1st Katie Marlow & Billy Fajardo
2nd P.S.Dance
3rd Michelle Kusanovich & Gary Ulaner

1st Stephen Ward & Diana Stanley
2nd Gary Ulaner & Ylva Wintzell
3rd Joy Ro & Michelle Kusanovich
4th Achuith Bhandarker & Patricia McConnell
5th Greg Pisano & Krystal Dewar

Other Finalists:
Jesse Castaneda & Marilyn Bardai
Frank Mazzarela & Val Hunt
Jim Dolan & Jenon Fleetwood
Matthew Variot & Bobbie Duncan
Brian Schwartz & Brenda Tyminski
Rainer Herm & Sue Louis

1st Greg Pisano & Kathryn Mongeau
2nd Dick Lee & Bev Thomas
3rd Paul Canziani & Keli Rutherdale
4th Robert Current & Randi Cohen
5th Mike Pyle & Ruth Cnaany

Other Finalists:
Brian & Bobbie Duncan
Stephen Ward & Marie Kirby
Tom & Debbie Arrington
Ben Gamble & Asya Kamsky
Michael DiFranco & Patti Purple
Martin & Susan Brown
Robert Wieczorek & Joanie Welle
Tim Stevenson & Stephanie McHenry
Rodger Magill & Nancy Eastenson
Jim Dolan & Jenon Fleetwood

1st Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
2nd Michael Kiehm & Brandi Northrup
3rd Arte Phillips & Beata Howe

Contest Results Event Review Article

Mountain Magic 2001
Contest Results

Jack & Jill Novice WCS
1st - Stephen Ward & Betsy Cohen
2nd - Ben Gamble & Sara Slager
3rd - Manny Parcasio & Denise McQuaid
4th - Robert Nelson & Cyndy Vaughn

Jack & Jill Novice Hustle
1st - Stephen Dorman & Patty Purple
2nd - Manny Parcasio & Asya Kamsky
3rd - Ben Gamble & Carol Belles
4th - Chris Dominques & Heide D'Innocente

Jack & Jill Int/Advanced WCS
1st - Greg (Lee) Pisano & Roxane Taylor
2nd - Arjay Centeno & Theresa McGarry
3rd - John Koster & Keli Rutherdale
4th - Richard Ware & Bobbie Duncan

Jack & Jill Int/Advanced Hustle
1st - Bobby Concepcion & Michelle Kusanovich
2nd - Stephen Ward & Marie Kirby
3rd - Gary Ulaner & Debbie Waschberg
4th - Bill Bowie & Roxanne Taylor

Jack & Jill Champions WCS
1st - Wayne & Sharlot Bott
2nd - Kyle Redd & Ginger Pickerel
3rd - Mark Blume & Deborah Szekely
4th - Chuck Brown & Sarah Vann Drake
5th - Kyle Redd & Deanna Mollmann

Int/Adv Strictly Swing
1st - Gary Ulaner & Michelle Kusanovich
2nd - Dustin Anderson & Kathryn Mongeau
3rd - John Grammer & Roxanne Taylor
4th - Arjay Centeno & Candace Cravalho
5th - Richard Ware & Barbara Grammer

Champion Strictly Swing
1st - Wayne & Sharlot Bott
2nd - Kyle Redd & Deborah Szekely
3rd - Robert Cordoba & Sarah Vann Drake
4th - Rob "I" & Ginger Pickerel
5th - Mark Blume & Kim Bergquist
6th - Chuck Brown & Kimberly Wills

Classic Swing
1st - Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
2nd - Glenn & Sue Cravalho
3rd - John & Brenda Koster

Masters Swing
1st - Heavy & Snowflake Grammer
2nd - Richard Ware & Roxanne Taylor

Congratulations to all the participants!

MM2001 Event Review

Have you Ever Vacationed at a "Dance Resort"?
Try Mountain Magic!!

by Brooke Wilhelm

If you weren't up in Tahoe for Michelle Kinkaid's third annual Mountain Magic Swing Dance event last November, you missed a fabulous time! Once again, all the fun took place at the Horizon Resort and Casino in beautiful South Lake Tahoe.

The weekend pass included ten hours of free all-star Workshops (WCS, Hustle, Salsa), nine dance contests, many hours of open dancing in two ballrooms until the wee-hours, a complimentary Welcome Party, and a well-stocked Hospitality Suite on Saturday & Sunday mornings. And there were many other things besides dancing to do over the weekend. The event schedule allowed the dancers time to explore the remarkable Tahoe area with outdoor activities, like golf, and to try their luck in the casinos.

The Horizon is THE perfect dance resort! It sits next to the shore of the lake and offers an 8-plex movie theatre, shops, several restaurants, fitness center & spa, outdoor hot tubs, and the Aspen Lounge. Some conventioneers took advantage of the neighboring casinos and shows in the heart of South Lake Tahoe while others shifted gears and took a relaxing break by sightseeing or taking a short walk to enjoy the serenity of the largest alpine lake in the country. Another plus was the availability of a wide variety of food services at all hours right in the hotel's several restaurants, as well as 24-hour room service.

The impressive Friday afternoon workshops set the tone for the entire weekend with Sharlot & Wayne Bott on Swing and Debra Hampton on Hustle. Other luminaries teaching through the weekend included Robert Cordoba, Debbie Ramsey-Boz, Deborah Szekely, and Maria Torres. While Debbie MC'd, Raul Ante, Andy Bouman, Dani Canziani, Ed Cirio (head judge), Phil LaMothe, Dottie Lovato, Dennis McGuire, Sonny Watson, and yours truly joined the rest of the celebrities as the weekend's judging panel.

The Friday night Welcome Cocktail Party, which has become a tradition at Mountain Magic, started the action for most of the dancers. It was held in the picturesque Hospitality Suite with its spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountain scenery. The room was packed with excited dancers enjoying the hot and cold hors d'oeuvres, wine, and other beverages.

Michelle opened the event Friday night with an inspiring tribute to the victims of the September 11th tragedy. It was a touching moment as the dancers heartily sang along with Ray Charles' soulful and emotional rendition of "America the Beautiful". There weren't many dry eyes in the house.

But MC Debbie Ramsey-Boz masterfully transformed the tone of the room to a festive atmosphere and kicked-off the weekend competitions with the WCS and the Hustle Novice Jack & Jills. Soon the open dancing began with DJs Linda Infante playing music in the main ballroom and Raul Ante in the second ballroom, with Carl Woodard's fine assistance. After the awards, DJ Beth Bellamy kept many hard core dancers going through the middle of the night. With this cast, it's no surprise that the music all weekend was great.

On Saturday, dancers attended more first class workshops with plenty of open dancing time to work on what they just learned, while others 'hit the tables' in the casino. It was a busy competition day with the WCS and the Hustle Intermediate/Advanced Jack & Jills, the Classic Swing competition, concluding with the Champions' WCS Jack & Jill.

In that competition, when Rob "I" drew Kyle Redd as the first name, it was immediately apparent that the drawing cards should have been issued to the followers, not the leaders. While the staff was responding to quickly fix the problem, the audience reacted even faster, shouting and urging them to dance together anyway. They were good sports and, being the hams that they can be, showed some very impressive and "creative" dancing - perfectly in synch - bringing the house down! That was worth the video in itself!

Sunday brought more workshops and the Intermediate/Advanced and Champions' Strictly Swing and the Masters' competitions. The crowd was clearly enthralled when Masters' competitors Richard Ware & Roxanne Taylor and John "Heavy" & Barbara "Snowflake" Grammer performed their routines with precision and sizzle. The energy projected by both couples brought a magical synergy between the audience and the dancers. What a show!

While the event officially ended at around 6:00pm on Sunday, the fun didn't end for some of the dancers. That night they were at the Aspen Lounge in the casino, which happens to have a dance floor. A band was playing Rock & Roll oldies that worked just fine for the "gambling, dancing die-hards". They even let the dancers play their own CDs during their breaks.

Soon a crowd of spectators gathered around the dance floor to view the West Coast Swing and Hustle dancing that they had never seen before. The dancing brought so much extra business to the bar that the management awarded all of the dancers free drink coupons to encourage them to continue entertaining their customers. This unique experience made Sunday night one of the memorable highlights of the weekend.

Michelle and her staff did a spectacular job! Detail was paid to all the dancers' comfort and entertainment. She kept the contest time to a minimum so that there was lots of open dancing and first rate workshops with some of the best in the business.

Lake Tahoe offers so many things to see and do ... it's the perfect getaway for both dancers and non-dancers. Everyone had a great time in this breathtaking mountain setting. You definitely want to add Mountain Magic to your calendar for next year. It's one you shouldn't miss!


Mountain Magic 2000
Contest Results

Jack & Jill Novice
1st - Ned Van Eps & Jessica Laufer
2nd - David Leach & Asya Kamsky
3rd - Rod Christisan & Cindi Mitchell

Jack & Jill Int/Advanced
1st - Paul Canziani & Keli Rutherdale
2nd - Ken Bowers & Debbie Wachsberg
3rd - David Infante & Theresa McGarry

Jack & Jill Champions
1st - Chuck Brown & Deborah Szekely
2nd - Angel Figueroa & Kim Bergquist
3rd - Robert Cordoba & Debbie Ramsey-Boz
4th - Mark Blume & Ginger Pickerel
5th - Mark Blume & Deanna Mollman
6th - Michael Norris & Linda Drake

Strictly Swing
1st - Angel Figueroa & Deborah Szekely
2nd - Robert Cordoba & Ginger Pickerel
3rd - Michael Norris & Deanna Mollman
4th - Chuck Brown & Kimberly Wills
5th - Mark Blume & Kim Bergquist

Congratulations to all the participants!

Mountain Magic 1999
Article by Linda Infante:

Mountain Magic 1999 extremely fun event info:
On Mon, 08 Nov 1999, (in rec.arts.dance newsgroup)

If you weren't up in Tahoe for Michelle Kinkaids first event you missed a fabulous time! The hotel was awesome and there was lots of open dancing! On occasion someone would escape and go and gamble. Raul Ante was the big winner of the weekend I think!

This hotel sits along the shore of Lake Tahoe and you could dance in the ballroom and watch the cystal clear water lap upon the immaculately groomed beaches of the Hyatt. A short walk to the main hotel (they had shuttles for those that danced too much or the late nighters) brought you all the lights and fun that a casino has to offer to those that needed that fix too! Of course there isn't a place you will go where a dancer will not take advantage of music and the band that played late night in the casino, provided a great backdrop to the many dancers that just pushed the chairs out-of-the-way and danced on the carpet. Some dancers were seen doing strange forms of dance. It must have been Dani Canziani's influence!! :-)

Michelle did a spectular job on her first event! (don't tell her I said this though, because I have her bluffed into thinking she couldn't do it without me!!) Detail was paid to all the dancers comfort and entertainment. She kept the contests to a minimum so there was lots of open dancing and first rate workshops with some of the best in the business: Robert Cordoba & Deborah Szekely, Ginger Pickerel & Michael Norris, Debbie Ramsey-Boz (watch out Robert Royston, Debbie was pretty good as your fill in!!) and Angel Figueroa. Awards were presented each night for that days competitions so NO long awards ceremony on Sunday night.

Michelle did make a heartfelt and teary eyed presentation, Sunday night, to Jack & Annie, who couldn't make it that weekend (thanks to Kelly Buckwalter for stepping in and filling those large shoes and did a great job!), due to Jacks recent surgery, with a special pillow with their picture on it. It was beautiful and the room was filled with love and special get well wishes for two very special people.

Special thanks from me to Beth Bellamy, who kept them dancin' late night and gave me a few *needed* breaks to take that short walk to the casino. I didn't want to go but David made me!! :-)

PLEASE add this event to your calendar next year. It really was a fun event and one you shouldn't miss!!

Mountain Magic 1999
Contest Results

Jack & Jill Novice/Intermediate
1st - John Ellfeldt & Ann Johnson
2nd - Phil Manor & Kim Wierenga
3rd - Tony Fontes & Susan Douglas
4th - Jim White & Natalie Hill
5th - Craig Johnson & Betsy Cohen

Jack & Jill Advanced
1st - Mark Blume & Kathryn Mongeau
2nd - Paul Canziani & Karen Page
3rd - Ken Mc Alister & Millie Szerman
4th - Ken McAlister & Keli Rutherdale
5th - Paul Canziani & Susan Campbell

Jack & Jill Champions
1st - Angel Figueroa & Ginger Pickerel
2nd - Robert Cordoba & Nancy Goldberg
3rd - Jim Minty & Deborah Szekely
4th - Michael Norris & Debbie Ramsey-Boz
5th - Michael Norris & Lisa Narita-Parker

Strictly Swing
1st - Robert Cordoba & Deborah Szekely
2nd - Michael Norris & Ginger Pickerel
3rd - Jim Minty & Nancy Goldberg
4th - John Ellfeldt & Vicki Wolbeck
5th - Mark Blume & Keli Rutherdale

Congratulations to all the participants!

Linda Infante
(Michelle's secretary)

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