Flagman on Yolo Short Line
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The Yolo Short Line is located west of Sacramento at Woodland, CA. It has a trestle almost two miles long.

Report of Motorcar Operators West run on Yolo Short Line west of Sacramento, CA on Saturday 31 January 1998 by Wayne Parsons

Under rainy skies, nine cars made the first of three runs leaving Woodland, CA (mp 16.7) eastbound at 8:40 AM. Meet organizers Malcom Frost and Glen Ford did a terrific job of organization.

Afternoon rain on Yolo Short Line They had marked the track with red/red, red/yellow and yellow aspects at places where the group should stop and flag, cross with caution or take caution due to track hazards. These markers were very useful; simply made using brightly colored plastic plates tacked on 1 X 3 stakes. Along the way we shunted four signals sending flaggers out at each one.

Turnaround was just east of Lovdal (mp 2.7 and interchange point with Southern Pacific) using a portable turntable. The group returned westbound to Woodland around 11:15 AM with a total distance run of 28.4 miles.

Several visitors interested in the hobby came at various times during the day. They checked out the motorcars and trailers. At least two of them have been learning about the hobby by subscribing to this e-mail list.

Sal Jacobs showed off his gas tank protector prototype. It is shaped \_| (like a modified "U") about 32 inches around, eight inches tall and made of 3/16" steel. It bolts inside the central housing of either a MT14 or MT19 level with the gas tank.

Crossing the 2 mile long trestle on Yolo The rain stopped when the second run of 12 cars left at 12:30 PM; returning at 3:20 PM. The last run of 5 cars left at 3:45 PM. One of the great elements of the Yolo Short Line is the trestle nearly two miles long at Conaway between mp 11.8 and mp 10. The Sacramento River is currently flooding under this trestle in the flood control channel known as the Yolo Bypass. Here we could see many Ruddy (black) Ducks, Common (white) Egrets, and one male American Kestrel (Sparrow) Hawk.

A good and safe time was had by all. Thank you Yolo Short Line for hosting MOW!

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