The Scorpion Fauna of California

Scorpion illustration by Warren Savary

This page serves as the entry page for several documents relating to the scorpions of California. On this page is a list of the scorpions known to occur in California. The list is incomplete and tentative, as several recently discovered undescribed species are not included, and several synonoms and taxonomic reallocations are likely to result from the completion of pending and planned studies. Ultimately, when I've found the time to complete the key, I'll link each species to a page which offers a full description and literature review. Those pages will be reachable either by clicking on one of the taxa below, or by following the key. Each species, via the author's name, will also be linked to publication in which it was first described (listed in the forthcoming Scorpions of California bibliography).

From this page, you can also access an Identification Key to the Scorpions of California and an annotated bibliography both of which are under development.

If you would like to offer additions or emendations to the list, the key, or the bibliography, or would like to make comments about them, feel free to use the response form at the bottom of this page.

SCORPIONES Hemprich and Ehrenberg 1837

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